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February 22, 2012 [Don Day]

So I took my aunt who was visiting from the Philippines downtown for some sightseeing and shopping and of course, eating!
My aunt said she had really been craving that one Korean dish she wanted to eat but neither of us knew what she was talking about.
So before some shopping, we went to Don Day about an hour before they closed for the afternoon.  

We went in and there was only one table besides us. We ordered and watched the k-pop MVs while we were waiting for our food. My aunt was really good with k-pop culture. She knew all the bands and people and stuff while I’m quite outdated with it. It seems the hallyu wave hit the Philippines like a tsunami because my aunt says everyone there is really into it. I remember when I was way younger and visited relatives in the Philippines, they almost scoffed at me for only watching arirang. Pfft if there was a hipster cred score, I would have like +10. 

Anywho, after talking about the music and whatever, our food came~


Tofu Soup~

Fish Cake Soup!
So this is what my aunt was talking about! It was quite good (:

After eating, we went shopping~~

Then we got bubbletea at Dragon City Mall before going home (:

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