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May 2, 2012 [Part 1/2: Cakepop Machine]

My aunt got me a cakepop maker and a mini cupcake maker. My cousin has been making cakepops for about a year now and everyone loves it. I tried making my own red velvet cakepops but it’s not as good as hers ^^;; 
However, my cheesecakepops are turning out well (I’ll edit this later on because I wrote about it).

Anywho, this is just a little of the unboxing an experimenting of a recipe. A friend of mine slept over and we were gonna make some at like 2 in the morning but we didn’t have any milk so we saved it for the next day when a bunch of my aunts came over to bake!  

wow there are a lot of details I missed out on.

So these cakepops aren’t your typical cakepops. Instead of baking the cake, crumbling it, then adding icing to the crumbled cake and forming it into balls, you’re taking cake batter and pouring it into the mould/iron/thingy and it cooks in there. It’s literally a small, round cake on a stick (if you have time to put it on a stick before it gets devoured by whoever is in the same room as you).
Just one batch will make your house smell so delicious! However, the amount of batter you put into mould varies between recipes because of the amount of baking powder that’s inside it. I put a little too much batter into a few and it overflowed! 
Everything was still eaten. 

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