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Sweets Haul [Part 2/5]

Egg & Milk Flavoured Pudding 

Before buying this, I thought it would be just like leche flan or flan de leche, whichever you’re familiar with. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I googled it for you
I thought it would be sweet and eggy but when I actually ate it, it did taste have that milk and egg taste I expected but it defintely was not as sweet as I would have liked. But then again, I’m comparing it to the God worthy leche flan my aunts make. The “caramel” part (the brown part at the top) is tougher than the custard part which was interesting. 

My parents didn’t really like it either haha. Well my mom and I had the same opinion that it was okay but my dad… not so much.

I wouldn’t buy it again but it was nice to try. 

Oh and not to mention the ingredients on this are kind of sketchy. Titanium dioxide,  just straight up acid, artificial milk and egg flavour.
A shelf life of one year?!

Weird stuff, man. I would definitely like to be enlightened about whether or not this is actually okay to eat. 

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