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March 23, 2012 [Sura]

I was actually just studying at la Bibliothèque at my university when I just could not study any longer. I was also craving Korean food so bad this day because I wanted some tofu soup since it was so gloomy and rainy outside. I called up my parents to see if they wanted to go eat with me and they don’t say no to their little princess so they came and picked me up and we ate at my favourite Korean restaurant: Sura~
My parents had the japchae and I had some of the soup. Yum yum~

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February 22, 2012 [Don Day]

So I took my aunt who was visiting from the Philippines downtown for some sightseeing and shopping and of course, eating!
My aunt said she had really been craving that one Korean dish she wanted to eat but neither of us knew what she was talking about.
So before some shopping, we went to Don Day about an hour before they closed for the afternoon.  

We went in and there was only one table besides us. We ordered and watched the k-pop MVs while we were waiting for our food. My aunt was really good with k-pop culture. She knew all the bands and people and stuff while I’m quite outdated with it. It seems the hallyu wave hit the Philippines like a tsunami because my aunt says everyone there is really into it. I remember when I was way younger and visited relatives in the Philippines, they almost scoffed at me for only watching arirang. Pfft if there was a hipster cred score, I would have like +10. 

Anywho, after talking about the music and whatever, our food came~


Tofu Soup~

Fish Cake Soup!
So this is what my aunt was talking about! It was quite good (:

After eating, we went shopping~~

Then we got bubbletea at Dragon City Mall before going home (:

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February 3, 2012 [Homemade Korean food]

John promised me he’d make food with me but the same day we planned to cook, a friend invited us and others over for a night of cooking and eating and stuff so we just did that there. Too bad I didn’t learn how to make anything ):< 
Oh well. Time to reschedule cooking session.

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February 1, 2012 [Takeout from Sura]

My aunt from the Philippines came for a visit and said she loved Korean food - something I hadn’t had in a looooong while. So we got some stuff to eat at home from my favourite Korean place: Sura!!

My aunt mentioned that she really liked the thing with fish cakes and rice cakes which perfectly described ddukbokki so I got that. Now, ddukbokki isn’t on their menu but they can make it if you ask them! I think it was like $15 or $20 but they made it really well! The only thing I wish they added was a little it of cheese on top.

hnng bachan. I can eat kongjang for a snack forever. Terribly addictive.

Le ddukbokki. Too bad this wasn’t what my aunt had in mind >_> Still super good and super spicy though.

I also got some soondubu jjigae but devoured that before I had the mind to take a picture of it. 

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December 2, 2011 [Part 2/2: Kangnam Station Izakaya] 

Went to the Gallery with Bao and then this Korean place for dinner. I had always been eyeing this place because it looked neat. I got some rice cake soup but when I got it, it had some chunks of beef in it. I just avoided eating it =\

*note to self: always ask if there is meat even if the menu doesn’t say so.  

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November 25, 2011 [Part 1/2: School and Sura]

Candy Cane Hot Chocolate at Good Earth to start the day~

A friend gathered a few of us to to go to Don Day again. I called to see if they would reserve a table for us (table for 10) but they said they didn’t do reservations for big parties because they can only fit like 17 people in total in their restaurant. We decided not to go to Don Day any more because it’s always full. I called Kinjo to see if they did reservations but they said they only do first come first serve so we scratched that idea. I suggested we go to Sura, my favourite Korean restaurant, and everyone agreed. 

After waiting for what seemed to be three lifetimes for our last friend to finish his class, we were finally on our way!

Sura definitely has the best side dishes (bachan)

tofu soup mmmmm

moar food

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November 9, 2011 [Manrijangsung]

A friend of mine invited a whole group of us to go to Don Day after school one day. They told me they wanted to go to Don Day because they passed by it very often on the train and they always wanted to try it. Sadly, when we passed by it, it was closed ):
We opted to go to Manrijangsung instead because it was close and we were hungry.

chicken lol

seafood pajeon~~

This looks soososososooso good and I`m very tempted to eat some every time. With every Korean restaurant I visit, I always ask if they have a vegetarian version of jajangmyeon but they always say that they mix the pork in beforehand. I must learn how to make this!!
Or make Korean friends who can cook…

spicy seafood soup
Oh dear lord was this spicy. It was really good at first so I had a good couple spoonfuls of soup but after about 5 seconds, my head wanted to explode. 

There`s ddukbokki and some super spicy seafood dish in the middle. Personally, I prefer the ddukbokki from Don Day because it`s spicier but the texture here was better because it was less chewy. And it had cheese melted on top here. That was probably why it wasn`t as spicy.

This place is a Korean/Chinese restaurant but I have never tried their Chinese food yet and I hadn’t really thought about trying it until now. Next time we shall!!

After a really good dinner, we were walking outside and it was really dark but we checked the time and it was still around 7pm. Five minutes later, we found ourselves talking about karaoke and going to Nanta hehehe. 
Too bad they ID’d us and since two out of seven of us were underage, we could only stay until nine because they turn into a bar after that.

I’m turning 18 soon. You know what this means?

935 7 Ave SW 

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October 21, 2011 [Ice Skating and Maru]

So I went ice skating with a few friends again. John Korean found this this place called Maru. It was interesting because on the page John found, it said that it was Calgary’s first and only tofu house and that their specialty was the soon dubu. I hear those words and my mouth is already watering. There’s no way we weren’t going there.
We walk around downtown for a bit and it’s not that cold. I got us lost a bit too because I was leading f^^;)
At least we found the right way after walking for a little over a block hehe.

It looks really nice on the outside. It doesn’t look like a bar at all but after reading a few reviews just now, it’s a very typical Korean bar. 

We walk in and I think that’s a wall of soju. I didn’t get a picture, but one side of windows is just like this wall. Except it covered half of those windows that are from floor to ceiling. Le epic.

The left side of the restaurant. Quite nice. Especially when you stand around for 15 minutes. Or at least it felt like 15 minutes. No one was at the front or even near the front when we entered. There were 2 tables already seated and it was so awkward to just have 6 people waiting and being hungry and whatnot. 
We were watching the music videos they had on their projectors the entire time trying to figure out whether or not the video and the song playing were actually the same. Turns out the song and the video were independent of each other. Hurrhurr.

They have a call button on the table. When you press it, it makes a typical doorbell sound. WHY DON’T THEY HAVE THIS AT THE FRONT?!

Read the description for the seafood soon tofu.

Friend’s BiBimBap

bachan! Their kimchi was so good ugh. Peter couldn’t stop eating it. He went to rub his eyes he said his eyes stung a lot. Turns out he got kimchi on his hands. HOW DO YOU EVEN YOU’RE EATING WITH CHOPSTICKS THE FOOD IS FAR FROM YOUR HANDS.



Their tofu soup is really good but nothing tops Sura for me hehe

150-550 11 Avenue S.W. 

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October 20, 2011 [Best Day Ever?]

So Bao and I went to Leo boutique because the designer of Naked and Famous, Brandon Svarc, dropped by there for a meet & greet event. For each Naked and Famous item you bought, he would make you an origami made of denim right there just for you. It was so awesome to see him create the origami pieces because he used an iron and it was pretty intricate. Also, while he was working hard on his origami, he was really good with crowd interaction. He consistently spoke to the people who came in and out of the store, did a little interview, took pictures, talked about his brand and designs and about the jeans he brought in. It was so amazing to see someone with such passion speak like this and do such small events like this. We were talking to the staff and they said they even admired him for doing this. Bao says that he’s probably a millionaire and that blows my mind. He’s a great entrepreneur. I definitely want to be like him in the future.

Monkey Denim. It took him so long to make this but it’s really nice even though I don’t see a monkey.
He said that if you keep something heavy like a textbook on it for a couple of days, it should have permanent creases. That is unless you wash it. “But if you wash it, you might want to wait about a year” (some joke someone in the crowd said)

He even brought along the 30oz elephant jeans and his glow-in-the-dark jeans for show. 

These are the 30oz jeans. IT’S STANDING UP BY ITSELF. 
These pictures were actually taken at Understudy, not Leo’s Boutique. Apparently, Svarc went to Understudy before Leo Boutique just for a visit. 

They didn’t have any N&F for womens that night and nothing for mens fit me but I was craving some new jeans. One lady helped he quite a bit. I was looking at their jeans rack and she was like “If you need help, you can just ask me but you know everything already,right?”
I told her, “I don’t know anything” so she came around to me every little while and picked out some really nice jeans for me to try (:
No origami for me for me though ): Bao, on the other hand, bought a few really nice tops. I guess tops isn’t really appropriate for men. Button up shirt and a vest? Okay. The shirt was from N&F so he got an origami bird. I feel really stupid because I didn’t take any pictures. Everything I’ve shown above are from Leo Boutique’s facebook and Understudy’s twitter.

I think it was 7:30pm when we left so we decided to go eat. Where? DON DAY OF COURSE.

Oh nobody understands how much I had been craving this and for how long. So spicy. So good. I think anything would have tasted good after such a good night at Leo Boutique but to have something you’ve actually been craving while you’re on a shopping high? I know of no better feeling. Not even love could top this.

Bao had some spicy soup with meat in it. Looks good though. 

Yeah that night was really awesome. You can never go wrong with food and shopping (: Meeting Svarc was really inspiring to me. He is quite an admirable person and an even more praiseworthy businessman. 

Since these photos aren’t mine, if the person whose photos these belong to wants me to take them down or cite differently, I will. 

Leo Boutique
810b 16th ave SW
Calgary, AB 

1312 1st SW
Calgary, AB

Don Day
101 909 7 Ave SW 

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