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May 18, 2012 [Inglewood Adventure]

The first day of Otafest! Otafest is an anime convention that’s always held at my university. I planned to meet my friend there at around noon but he called me at 11 and said that since it’s the first day, it doesn’t open until 5pm. Excitedly, I said we could go to Inglewood now that we know how to get there!!
So we went and walked around and had a great time.

We first went into this store called Espy and ohlala~
Personal shoppers, awesome prices, and very pretty colourful pants. Me gusta me gusta.

Ahh I don’t know what this store was called but oh my goodness I want everything in this picture! Now that I see this, I may go back and actually buy one of them..
The perks of writing two months late.. hurrhurr.

After a good couple of hours shopping, we got hungry and started looking for places to eat. Originally we wanted to try Lolita Lounge because I have a sick obsession with lolita fashion but I was too intimidated to go in with its dark interior and it being upstairs and whatnot. It didn’t really seem open anyway.

So we just ate at Sugo

LOL check out the disclaimer at the bottom.
"Please no separate cheques, if you do not trust the people you are with don’t break bread with them."

Friend got some chicken dish. I forgot to write down what he got T~T

Wild mushroom with truffle oil and parmigianoThe mushrooms were really good! I’m not usually a fan of mushrooms but I thought I’d try this out and I’m so glad I did. The texture of the mushrooms were kind of slimy but it tasted delicious with the oil and the parmigiano was superb! 

Canoli with housemade ricotta cheese
I don’t think I’ve ever had canoli before but I have seen Goddess Anna Olson make them often. These tasted just as good as they look like they should have when I saw them on TV. Sadly, I don’t remember much more than them being delicious haha ^^;;

It was almost time for Otafest to begin so we got our bill and left. 
It was fun to see some people dressed up for Otafest on our way there and surprise surprise, THERE WAS A SAILOR MOON SECTION TO CELEBRATE THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY! WHEEHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
Too bad we were kind of late and it filled up right away. We weren’t allowed in unless someone else left so we stood outside and waited. And waited. And waited. It was quite possibly the longest 10 minutes of my life. I even made small-talk with the volunteers. They said that the Sailor Moon event always fills up first and quickly and they wonder why they haven’t moved to a bigger room. Finally they saw one empty seat and I was allowed in. My friend wasn’t the biggest Sailor Moon friend so he let me go in while he did his own thing elsewhere. WHAT A HERO. I WAS ABOUT TO NOT GO IN WITHOUT HIM AND THAT WOULD HAVE SLOWLY KILLED ME. 

After the session finished, I found my friend in Mac hall finishing up his assignment for his spring course when I bought us bubbletea.

My friend got mango and I got honeydew with strawberry jelly. Yum yum!
Buying bubbletea was my token of gratitude for letting me go into the Sailor Moon thingy without him. 

It was a really fun day and I learned quite a bit at the Sailor Moon session.  I wish Sailor Moon was its own course in itself. I would totally major in that. 

1214 -9th ave SE

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April 30, 2012 [Destination Pearl]

Just went out for a late night snack with a friend.  

The egg waffle was interesting. I forgot to take a picture of the menu for the description because it was a seasonal thing but it was basically a waffle with a heavy egg flavour. It’s hollow inside the bubbly part and there’s really nothing more to it than that. There was a matcha flavoured egg waffle but they said they ran out of it already so I just got the regular one. 

After we got our egg waffle, I saw another table call the server and point to our table. Not too long after, they received their egg waffle too haha. I always thought it was just me and my dad who started at whatever the servers were bringing to other tables but I guess other people do that too.

118-1623 Center Street NW 


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Went to Noodle World with the parents. I don’t know why I only have pictures of two dishes instead of three (three to match the number of people in my family). 

I remember I got some vegetarian vermicelli and honeydew bubbletea though!
Ahh honeydew bubbletea.. yum.  

4909 17 Ave SE  

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February 22, 2012 [Don Day]

So I took my aunt who was visiting from the Philippines downtown for some sightseeing and shopping and of course, eating!
My aunt said she had really been craving that one Korean dish she wanted to eat but neither of us knew what she was talking about.
So before some shopping, we went to Don Day about an hour before they closed for the afternoon.  

We went in and there was only one table besides us. We ordered and watched the k-pop MVs while we were waiting for our food. My aunt was really good with k-pop culture. She knew all the bands and people and stuff while I’m quite outdated with it. It seems the hallyu wave hit the Philippines like a tsunami because my aunt says everyone there is really into it. I remember when I was way younger and visited relatives in the Philippines, they almost scoffed at me for only watching arirang. Pfft if there was a hipster cred score, I would have like +10. 

Anywho, after talking about the music and whatever, our food came~


Tofu Soup~

Fish Cake Soup!
So this is what my aunt was talking about! It was quite good (:

After eating, we went shopping~~

Then we got bubbletea at Dragon City Mall before going home (:

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January 6, 2012 [Part 2/2: Destination Peal House]

We loitered around Sakana for about 15 minutes then moved to the Chinese Cultural Centre for a bit just to decide where to go next. We wanted to go karaoke but it was already 9pm and they don’t let minors in after 9. JUST A FEW MORE DAYS AND I WILL FINALLY RID  MYSELF OF LG STATUS!
We ended up going to APM (which that day I learned is now called Destination Peal House)

We had a good laugh over their new menu item which featured the “exploding dragon ball pearls”. Almost everyone got some in their drinks but no one could keep a straight face when asking for it. I feel bad for the servers because we’re an incompetent bunch when there’s more than 10 of us together.

looks really neat, no?

lol I made my friends look stupid.

I got hot almond milk with the dragon ball pearls just to see what it tastes like. They were right about the “exploding” part! The moment you put them into your mouth, it just gushed with sweet, fruity goodness. I popped some in my drink on accident and they don’t taste good together but oh well. They are definitely worth a try!

By the time we were finished, there were a few big groups waiting for a table. The moment we got up, we were swarmed by a group that was waiting to be seated. Stupid children. WE CAN’T LEAVE IF YOU’RE IN THE WAY. It’s like pushing your way on the bus/train before waiting for others to get off. WAIT YOUR TURN. QUEUE QUEUE QUEUE QUEUE QUEUE. Ugh the tables weren’t even cleared off yet and they were just there waiting like vultures on fresh prey. 

Tip for society and your own well-being: have etiquette or you will receive scowls and dirty looks (mainly by me)

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September 3, 2011 [Tamarind]

Just out for late lunch with a friend because we were both craving some East Indian food and then got bubbletea after.

I feel bad for not being able to really write about this day so I will tell you something that you might find interesting =D
One of the reasons I started this blog is so that if ever someone drags me to court and accuses me of something I didn’t do and the jury needed an exact time, date and place I was, it would all be on this blog.

Of course, I’m not documenting every second of my life here but it does say where I was for majority of the past year. This idea was inspired by an episode of Malclom in the Middle when Hal goes to court (something about his being accused for doing bad things to the company) and he brings out his “memory box”. In that box, he had physical evidence of what he did when he ditched work every Friday for the past three years. Because what he was accused of doing landed on a Friday, he got out because he had proof that he was not present at the time to actually commit the crime. 

Yay for paranoia! 

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August 23, 2011 [Day 3 of Globalfest]

Originally, I had intended to attend the second day of globalfest which was the day the Philippines had their fireworks. Sadly, my mumsy got sick so I stayed home and took care of her. It really was too bad that I didn’t get to go because a lot of exciting things happened that day. My aunt that I volunteered with texted me saying that Pacquiao was there standing in front of the Philippine tent! I was freaking out and wishing so bad that I had gone. My aunt even got a picture with him with her husband but it was strange because no was one looking at the camera.. 
I also wanted to go because @maariellenicole went too and we were going to watch Juicebox Crew perform and then meet them afterwards because she knows one of the members. Le sigh~ I will never meet bboys. ),:

At the end of the night, before the fireworks, it was announced that the Pacquaio everyone saw was an imposter! No wonder he wore sunglasses and never spoke.. Many people fell for it but it was a really good prank because we know how crazy Filipinos get about nationalism. It probably may be worse than Koreans..

Koreans are definitely worse. 

Anyway, I heard the fireworks were absolutely amazing. The timing was perfect and the songs were nice. I did, however, hear some criitiques about the song choices because they had no flow (ie. going from a happy, upbeat song to a ballad). I wish I could have seen it but at least there’s always youtube

This day was Canada’s day. I arrived a bit earlier than before so I had some time to take some pictures of the food tents before the gates opened.

There’s some stands around the lake with mini donughts, funnel cakes, popcorn and other common outside food stuff but these specialty tents is where all the good food is at! Everything is authentic and (usually) fresh and oh so delicious. 

Still having time to go around just after gates opened, I got some mango bubbletea from the Filipino tent. 
My aunt asked if they used fresh fruit and the lady was like “yes we use fresh powder.”
… too much fob.
My aunt and uncle got turon and I regret declining their offer to buy me some. 

We walked around a bit and looked at the cultural tents. We watched some adorable little girls do some dancing outside of the Scottish tent. We learned stuff at the Guam tent and tried on headpieces at the Mexican tent. Checking back at our Vietnamese booth, we noticed that the line was starting to get long as we went to start taking orders. Everything went really well as usual and as always, there are always some funny moments that made the night better.
That night, some lady was asking me what kind of sub I preferred: beef or chicken. I told her I was a vegetarian and we shared a good laugh. She just decided to go for beef. After this experience, I learned to always suggest what the more popular item was.
Also, my uncle was taking orders from a Filipino lady and when he told her the prices for some of the items, she said “ang mahal dito!” which translates to “it’s expensive here!”. My uncle replied with something along the lines of “this is the cheapest you’ll get here” but in Tagalog. The lady was shocked because she thought he was Vietnamese. I’m pretty sure she still bought from us though. 

Before the fireworks began, I remember the conversation we had with the Indonesian tent the other day. We were making friends with them and telling each other that we would try each other’s food when we could. That night, I got the gado-gado which lettuce shreds topped with a peanut sauce that had tofu in it. 

okay this looks absolutely disgusting but that’s because it was dark and everything looks bad when you use the iPhone flash. Trust me, it didn’t look this unappetizing in person. As I found a place to sit and begin eating, one of the worker’s (from our Vietnamese tent) kids came up to me and asked me to help him find his friend. Of course I couldn’t say no so I spent about 20 minutes trying to find this kid’s friend at the top of the hill when his friend was just outside our tent the entire time. When I got to eating my food, it was cold and didn’t taste very good ):

The fireworks were okay. I don’t remember much about it which I guess means that I wasn’t very impressed. Oh wells it was still a fun day.

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August 12, 2011

Tea Time with mumsy

Green Tea Dried Tofu
This was super interesting. It had an interesting texture to it because it was squishy. It kind of tasted like green tea but it was really subtle. 

mom’s satay beef soup

the menu says it’s “shrimp, sweet corn and egg fried rice” but there’s some cauliflower, broccoli, beans and some mysterious blue.. thing. 

I had the watermelon lichee slush with pearl (left) and my mom got the caramel black milk tea with pearls (right)

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