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June 17, 2012 [HAPPY (belated) FATHER’S DAY!]We had some family come over and bring us cake hehe. So pretty and veeeery yummy. There were even macaroons.

June 17, 2012 [HAPPY (belated) FATHER’S DAY!]

We had some family come over and bring us cake hehe. So pretty and veeeery yummy. There were even macaroons.

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January 18, 2011 [MY 18TH BIRTHDAY]

Stayed with the famjam this day. I asked my dad if my cake could be from Yamato because I really love the cakes there. I got green tea cheese with a Sailor Moon design. It really looks like it’s painted on with chocolate!!

When I served it to my family, they all said they enjoyed it. It was fresh and mousse-y and not too sweet! They all asked me where I got it from. I hope I gave these guys a lot of business heh heh. 

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October 30, 2011

The day before my jazz history midterm. Such a long time ago.. I sincerely apologize. m(._.)m
Ahh so nothing is open on Sunday and I had to learn the hard way. 

I checked some site to see if deVille was open and it said they were but when I went to the Art Central location, they were closed. I was so shocked! I stopped and sat down for fifteen minutes looking through my Urbanspoon app for a cafe to study at but everything was closed so I resorted to walking down Stephen Ave. just to find a place to drink tea and study. Passed by Teatro and Olympic Plaza when the ultimate sanctuary appeared.

The Library.

I went to the top floor and studied for about an hour when I got hungry. I was craving the fruit crepe at Yamato so I made my way there but there was a couple of people that went in before me but as soon as they walked in, they turned around and left right away. I was really confused so I just went in. I opened the door and it was really loud and Yamato was packed with people speaking some other language. All the chairs were taken but it doesn’t take much to fill the place since they only have three tables and about 15 chairs. The owners were just at the front staring at me and it would be weird if I just turned around and left so I went up and asked what time they closed. They said seven so I said I’d just come back later. 

I went across the street to whatever the bubbletea place is in Central Landmark on 16th ave and centre street is called now. I swear that place changes names every time I go in. I’m just gonna call it APM from now on because that’s what my friends and I have always called it.

So yeah I went there and when the girl who was seating me asked if I was staying and when I said yes, she first asked promptly “for two?” 
My biggest forever alone moment was right then when I had to say “no, just for one.”
She sat me in some corner when there were so many seats beside the window TT_TT
I really have to stop going out by myself because I needed a pep talk from Alex to actually gather the courage to ask to be moved to a table beside the window. 

I got thick toast with nutella. You have to eat this quickly or else the nutella starts to kind of harden. I didn’t enjoy this much.. The toast was REALLY thick and deep fried and I’m a slow eater so eating the nutella after being melty wasn’t fun. It was like the texture of a truffle. Don’t get me wrong, I love truffles but I just didn’t like the texture on deep fried toast.
I really really wanted a fruit crepe.

ferrero rocher mint bubbletea.
so good ugh this is why I came here

The music was really … hip. Not like hipster but hip as in very up to date. Lots of the songs they played were things you would hear on the radio and since I don’t really listen to top 40 music, it was refreshing to hear it because it was all new to me. However they did play some good “oldies” by Usher and Marc Jacob. 

I think I was here for a good two hours before I decided it was too awkward because I was the only customer in there for a good thirty minutes. Even the staff just sat down and started to talk. I paid and made my way to Yamato hoping that it was empty again so I could finally have my fruit crepe. 

When I walked it, it was emtpy! My safe haven was all mine again. 
I looked at their menu and I wanted a hot drink when I saw something called “poppymint tea” so I asked for that and the lady told me to just grab a tea bag for the rack beside me. I tried to look for something called “poppymint” but there was nothing. The lady told me to get from the green box and it said “peppermint”. I wanted to laugh. Fob at its finest. 

The tea~ Nothing special really but I was just really happy with my nails. My aunt bought me this new nail polish set from OPI and it had really pretty colours. I tried them all in the span of two weeks. This is one of my favourites because it makes me feel like Sailor Mercury which is especially motivating at a time when I have to study hard.

I honestly don’t know if I got a fruit crepe or not. Probably not because I don’t have a picture of it. 
I did, however, bring home some cakes because my aunt from Edmonton and my cousin from the Philippines were over.

Mango cheese

Strawberry Guava

double chocolate mousse

Japanese cheese

Raspberry lychee cheese

I was gonna look for my receipt that had all the flavours listed but i can’t find it ):

EDIT// I found my receipt so I just added in what’s what although I may be wrong in which is raspberry lychee and strawberry guava..

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September 25, 2011

My goddaughter’s first birthday cake


oh and it was pretty yummy 

It’s kinda random how they’re all disney princesses except Tinkerbell but it’s not a big deal. 

FML I thought they were all princesses until I looked at the picture again and realized that there are 2 non-princesses on there. No idea where they’re from so it would be appreciated if someone could enlighten me.

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July 24, 2011 [New York Experience: Day 5 - Chinatown Advertures]

I woke up at 7am because my uncle said he and my dad were leaving for chinatown at 8. Too bad my uncle woke up at 8 =| I made the best of the delay and did some laundry~ We left at around nine to try and take the subway. It’s more difficult than I thought it was because of all the letters and if you go on the wrong side, you have to go back outside and find how to get to the other side of the platform. It’s so different compared to the c-trains I’m used to.. It gets reeaallyy warm waiting for the train underground.. It was kind of frustrating. However, the trains have air conditioning inside it so stepping inside the train after waiting at the platform for while is just an incredible feeling.

When we got out of the subway, finding Chinatown was pretty simple: you look around and the moment you see a sign with Chinese symbols, you can figure out where it is. We walked around for a good while and i got to see a lot of trinket stores and fake bags and stuff, stuff that’s also common in the Philippines. It was neat to see the cute little things they sell. I regret not buying anything from there T_T
We walked and walked and tried to look for a market for fresh fish and vegetables but it seemed like we couldn’t find much - just places that sold a few fish and a few vegetables. None of them were really what we were looking for. Eventually, we couldn’t stand the heat any longer and got some bubbletea~~

My uncle and i got mango bubbletea and my dad got iced lychee. What a noob, he thought iced lychee was a slushie and he was really dissappointed when he found out it was a lychee drink with ice in it haha. It was neat the way they made it because they actually put a few fresh lychees in there.

The bubbletea place was also a bakery~~

After cooling down a bit, we went back outside determined to find the ultimate fresh food market! We saw that little italy had totally been taken over by chinatown haha. We saw this one italian restaurant just surrounded by chinese stores. What a sight.

Eventually, we asked this one lady who owned a store there where we could find a supermarket and she said she didn’t know. Upon hearing our conversation with this lady, a nice man asked us what we were looking for. We told him and he pointed us to the direction of the supermarket and then walked the way he was originally going with a couple of bags in each hand. We walked towards it when we found this one place that seemed to have a good flow of people going in and out and we went to check out what was in there.

Lo and behold, it was exactly what we were looking for. Fresh fish, fresh vegetables and even cooked stuff! We were pretty happy and we bought a lot.

We reached the cooked stuff and saw some delicious looking stuffed bittermelon, green papper and eggplant (which I totally forgot to take a picture of..). When we tried to tell the lady that we wanted half a pound each, she was really confused and said we needed to order it together. We just said we wanted 1.5 pounds and she just went at it and it seemed like she didn’t really understand us so we were kinda worried. However we saw she got a relatively even amount of everything and when she put it on the scale, it was 1.505 pounds, the 0.005 most likely being the container it was in. Talk about impressive. After that, we went to the market the nice guy pointed us to. When we walked in, we actually saw him there! He said “what took you so long?” and we told him we went to another place first. We were suprised by the “followup” he gave us because it really did seem like he was on his way home or something.

We took a look around this market and we found some live frogs O_______O that was definitely something new. Besides the frogs, it was just like the asian market we have in Calgary.

I went to find the candy section and got some pocky :3 

Before we went home, i asked if we could go to a bakery and get some stuff. We passed by a couple of nice looking bakeries whilst looking for a market but i couldn’t remember where it was so we just went into the first bakery we saw which still looked pretty good.
The subway ride back to broadway was killerrrrrrr. There was construction going on during the weekends so the trains came later than planned and ohmybuddah it was the hottest thing in there. I tried to just stand still so it wouldn’t be any hotter but no. I could feel the sweat dripping from my temples. It was absolutely torcherous! The moment we got into the air conditioned train, it was like feeling the breath of the gods themselves.

When we got to our condo, I opened up the cakes right away :3

I got coffee almond, coffee cake, mango cheesecake, tiramisu, strawberry cheesecake and a fruit tart. 

almond coffee~

Mango cheesecake~
this was pretty nasty, I have to admit. The jelly part of this was just too artificial and the cheesecake wasn’t that good and blehbleh I couldn’t handle more than two bites TT__TT

Fruit tart!
Kiwis, mangoes, strawberries, pineapples and peaches

the custard tastes like nothing, really and I see the used the same technique as the rest of the world seems to: chocolate separating the crust and the custard..

the crust was really nice though, it wasn’t too crumbly and it still melted in your mouth 

mummy ate the tiramisu before I could take a picture of it and we never really got to eating the rest of the cakes.. we ended up throwing them out.. so sad but they weren’t great anyway. 

some other cakes from the bakery

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June 22, 2011 [Part 1/2: baking with @ninoangel]

a friend and I organized a year end picnic and it was a potluck thing for the 23rd.
I made a couple of veggie platters and some baked goods that Nino so thoughtfully helped me make even though he couldn’t make it to our picnic ):

some choco chip cookies with rainbow choco chips

we even baked a cake for our friend because it was his birthday on the first or something sometime soon. We made it a cupcake with a pink and teal theme because we wanted a very manly cake =|

heh heh i kinda forgot to take a picture of the cake all around before we served it so I only got one picture of it on the side i hadn’t cut into. My mom added some of her icing flowers and it only added to the manly charm of this cake. Woo.

it’s plain vanilla btw 

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May 29, 2011

My aunt invited my parents and I over for lunch. I don’t remember why we bought the cake. It was either for my mom’s birthday or for my graduation. Maybe both.. 
My dad just bought it from T&T. He got it at like 10 in the morning while I was still asleep.. he woke me up by calling and asking what kind of cake I thought would be best for that day and I told him just to get something fruity. This cake had the word “fruit” in its name so he got that.


I don’t exactly remember how it tastes but it was incredibly filling. So.. much.. cream..

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