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July 14, 2013 [Part 1/2]: Lunch Time with Papa Bear

My dad and I decided to go furniture shopping today to find a sofabed because our hizzle needs one. We didn’t find anything to our liking but we did pass by a Joey Tomatoes so we went there. Going clockwise, papa got French Dip and I got an Ahi Tuna Club sammich. The bottom left picture shows how beautifully pink the tuna is. Lightly grilled to perfection, it was like taking a bite into the ocean. The rest of my sandwich is only okay, I don’t really think together it tasted too good mainly because there was some salsa type thing on it and that totally threw me off. 

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June 30, 2012 [Rose Garden Thai]

So Nino and I were doing our usual of just wandering around downtown. Then we got hungry and we spent about 30 minutes looking through Urban Spoon for a place to eat when we finally decided on Rose Garden Thai. It was kind of sketchy at first because all the restaurants on Stephen Ave. have patios outside and are pretty and look very fine dining but this place had a cheap looking light up sign and giant creepy stairs for the upper floor. It had a really good rating on Urban Spoon and we weren’t going to spend another 30 minutes deciding on a place to eat so we went right in.

ohh so pretty inside! And the servers were wearing traditional dresses too. 

Yay Stephen Ave~ We were staring at that building behind the restaurants in front of us. I think it’s an office building with resident places on top. I have no idea. I want to live/work there though.

Blue Hawaii: pineapple juice and white rum (left) and Chi Chi: (explained to us by our waitress as) like pina colada but instead of white rum, they use vodka (right).

hnng coconut rice. At first we thought they only put the coconut milk at the top but we later found out that the rice and coconut milk is actually layered!

Vegetarian Yellow Curry (left) and Pad Thai (right)

Vegetarian Yellow Curry

Pad Thai
Oh my gosh was this ever delicious. The noodles were perfect and the sauce was amazing.

Everything here was absolutely delicious and not to mention filling. The prices are really good too because each dish is about $12-$15 by the end of the dinner, we were stuffed. It was sad because we were too full for dessert even though I really wanted some ): 

I’d definitely come here again to try some more dishes!
112 8 Ave SW 

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June 19, 2012

A friend and I went around downtown for funsies~

We went to Prince’s Island Park and saw a bunch of geese..

I terrifyingly watched them flock to this one lady. I don’t know why they went to her. I’m glad she’s not dead. They could have very easily committed cold blooded murder in front of me. That’s what birds do, right?

After roaming around, we went to Prego in Eau Claire to eat dinner.

"Chef Davide Gallo believes in ‘family style dining’ - a multitude of foods and flavors served on platters shared amongst family and friends. 
Ask your waiter if you would like to induldge in a perfectly PREGO experience.”


Tenderly prepared with banana peppers topped with tomato sauce
Banana peppers are spicy ):

My friend’s dish

Tortellini Gorgonzola
Back by popular demand!
Cheese filled tortellini prepared in a  creamy gorgonzola cheese sauce and sauteed mushrooms.
The sauce was really nice and smooth and creamy. It tasted a lot like mushroom soup. I used to hate mushrooms with a fiery passion but it seems my taste buds have changed and they’re not so bad any more. Of course, I still hate raw mushrooms in my salad but sauteed mushrooms on my veggie burger is soooooooo good. The cheese inside the tortellini was super delicious too.

A big bowl/glass of candy on the way out hehe. 

Overall, this place is really good. The service was superb because our waiter checked up on us often and we got our food very quickly. It was really gloomy and rainy all day - weather my friend really seemed to enjoy - but it had a really negative impact on my mood ):
Hooray for good food because at least that made me really happy. 

I’d like to come here and try some of their wines next time. Pasta and wine is always the best. 

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June 1, 2012 

Oh this day was quite a day to start off summer. Or at least what I consider to be summer (June, July, and August). Lyke and I went to visit Justine at Crepes & Cravings. She gave us some delicious crepes and gelato * 3*

Afterwards, we went grocery shopping and made dinner. We had some rice, steamed vegetables, and baked salmon. Mmmmm healthy. 

Then I watched Pulp Fiction for the first time and we played with Justine’s little sister who is just a crazy bundle of joy. Sadly, Justine is in Vancouver for school and now Calgary is just a little less exciting place to be. TT_____________TT

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May 24, 2012 [Double Zero]

A friend and I volunteer at Hi Hostel in East Village to cook pasta every so often. After we finished volunteering this day, we decided to go out to eat afterwards. I’m pretty sure it was hailing/snowing and my friend only wore a t-shirt. Poor guy was so cold haha.
Anywho, we decided to eat at Double Zero~

To start, we had calamari. It was a bit salty but still good.
Then we shared a potato and egg & spinach and cheese pizza. Egg and potatoes on a pizza is definitely a new experience for me. A good one, at that because everything tasted right together.

I’m starting to really like Double Zero. Perhaps I’ll go more often.

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May 15, 2012 [Part 2/2: comfort food with best friends]A couple of my bestest buddies came over and we packaged the cheesecake pops and made some macaroni and cheese. I forgot to take a picture of the inside but it was good. We even had a side of salad to make us feel not as bad as we should have. 

May 15, 2012 [Part 2/2: comfort food with best friends]

A couple of my bestest buddies came over and we packaged the cheesecake pops and made some macaroni and cheese. I forgot to take a picture of the inside but it was good. We even had a side of salad to make us feel not as bad as we should have. 

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April 27, 2012 [Part 1/2: Julio’s Barrio]

A close friend of mine invited us to Julio’s Barrio for her 19th birthday~
Because it was a Friday evening, it was definitely going to be busy. Recollecting the last time I visited Julio’s Barrio, I was afraid of the wait time. However, upon being seated, I heard the pep talk the servers had with who I presume is their manager. They talked about how tonight was going to be a busy night and to expect a full house. They did a little cheer and break and went straight to work. 

The Original Bulldog
1 Bottle of Coronita
2 oz. of Tequila
Lime Slush
Majority of our large table got this but personally, I’m not a fan of beer and I thought there was red bull in it and I’m afraid to have an energy drink so I didn’t get it. It’s pretty cool how they put the beer in the cup though.

I don’t even know what kind of drink I got. I hadn’t decided on a drink when the server came to me so I just asked for the same drink the one person who didn’t have a bulldog got. I remembering it being pretty yummy and frothy.

An Enchilada dish I got vegetarian and crema style (Monterey Jack cream sauce and Julio’s salsa). I don’t remember anything other than it being quite delicious.

I’ve read reviews on this place before and everyone is saying that it’s just a very very VERY watered down version of actual Mexican food. I’ve never really had Mexican food other than when I used to eat at Taco Time and when I buy Old El Paso but I’m sure they’re not really authentic Mexican meals anyhow. Nonetheless, I enjoyed their food this time and I enjoyed it last time so I’d definitely go again to try out some more of their menu. I love that they have vegetarian options for almost everything on their menu so people who are vegetarian aren’t stuck with a very limited selection like most other restaurants.

1110 Memorial Drive NW 
Calgary, AB 

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April 5, 2012 [Japanese Village]

Left: Peachy Ichiban - Vodka, Peach Syrup, Sprite
Right: Cherry Blossom - Cherry Liqueur, Lime Juice, Orange Juice, Peach Syrup, Ginger Ale 
Don’t worry, both aren’t for myself although I did try both. Mine was Cherry Blossom while my friend’s was Peachy Ichiban. They were both super delicious~

Soup.. don’t know what kind.. But it was soup..

ohh food being prepared~

My salmon teriyaki

Some sorbet to finish~
I forget the flavour haha

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March 29, 2012 [Wasabi]

Went to Wasabi with the parents~
I used to go here very often and even celebrated my birthday here twice with a couple of my bestest buddies.

Some miso soup and salad~

Sushi that came with my parents entrees.

My sushi combo. The nigiri looks a bit… off… 
Look at how dinky the rice is.
I’ve read that the fish is supposed to cover the the rice really well because the way you eat is it that you hold the rice by the sides, turn it upside down to dip it in the soy sauce (fish is supposed to be held together with the rice via a little bit of wasabi) then eat in one bite. The fish did not stay on the rice when I flipped it over!! The sushi was really bland and messy.. 

My mom’s chicken dish. She said the chicken was overcooked.

My dad’s eel dish. He said there were lots of bones in it. Do eel even have bones?
EDIT: Googled it and yes. Yes they do. Just like fish. Is google in the dictionary? 

Some tofu dish I got. It was supposed to be an appetizer but it came after we got our entrees haha. It was just medium tofu lightly deep fried with katsuobushi and seaweed on top.

My meal included tempura but for some reason, it came after I finished with my entree… 

Overall, the place turned out being pretty crappy. It used to be good but then they apparently switched owners and now the food is worse. Too bad ):

602 16 Ave NW 

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