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March 23, 2012 [Sura]

I was actually just studying at la Bibliothèque at my university when I just could not study any longer. I was also craving Korean food so bad this day because I wanted some tofu soup since it was so gloomy and rainy outside. I called up my parents to see if they wanted to go eat with me and they don’t say no to their little princess so they came and picked me up and we ate at my favourite Korean restaurant: Sura~
My parents had the japchae and I had some of the soup. Yum yum~

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March 16, 2012 [Part 1/2: Kinjo]

So I invited one of my aunts and uncles to come with me to Beatniq again to watch the Charlie Parker Strings Project but we went to Kinjo for dinner first.

Las Vegas Roll
Unagi Sauce, jalapeno, strawberry, yellow daikon, wonton skin, cream cheese, spicy tuna, crab meat, avocado.

There’s so much stuff in there haha. It was pretty good nonetheless.

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March 9, 2012 [The Big Taste at Piqniq/Beatniq]

OKAY I NEED TO STOP PROCRASTINATING. I’ve pretty much forgotten everything about this day.. 

But anyhow. Thank you to @mylifeinrenovations for telling me about the Big Taste. After he told me, I immediately looked it up and was incredibly delighted to see that Piqniq was taking part of it!
For those not in the know, the Big Taste of Calgary is an event where many restaurants in Calgary give a small set menu for a very low price - just like the menu shown above. However, in order to take part in the Big Taste, you have to call one of the participating restaurants and ask for a reservation for the Big Taste.
I did this for Piqniq and I was also able to book a table for Beatniq later on in the evening for the Ray Charles Tribute Band! Such a luxurious evening.

Our waiter was really nice and enthusiastic about this event. He told us we were getting an amazing deal because a regular meal with the same dishes would be ~$60 so my friends and I were happy to hear that.
Unfortunately, this event was in the middle of midterms for me so I was only able to attend the last day.  

Some bread and butter to start~
The Japanese dish was kind of weird but okay haha.
While we were eating this, we saw quite a few people be turned down because they was fully booked from ~5-9 (or whenever they closed). That really impressed me.  

Fancy water haha. In the downstairs during the performances, they only serve bottled water for $3 per bottle. 

The seasonal soup was organic carrot puree soup with ginger.

Friends got the duck confit.

My trout. The skin had a really nice crunch and I really liked the texture of the fish. There was a really prominent butter taste which made it taste all the better.

Chocolate Mousse~
The glass was really warm and the mousse was really cold and looked a lot like ice cream. It was really soft but not as light as I expected and also very rich so most of us couldn’t even finish our dessert as it was so filling. The bottom had some strawberry puree so that was a delightful surprise.
I found out a few weeks later when I tried to make chocolate mousse myself that the typical mousse recipe calls for gelatin. I repent.

After dinner, we paid and headed downstairs for the performance. It was so packed that they had to start rejecting people near the beginning of the set.

center seats hehehehe

Donals Ray Johnson and the band. John Gray is playing bass and he performed with Ray Charles himself. Donald Ray Johnson is also a grammy award winner. SO STARSTRUCK.

The backup singers hehehe. They were really good!

My friend got mac & cheese during the performance. 
We were tempted to get some dessert too but we were still super full from the dinner. 

I recorded some of their performances:
I Can’t Stop Loving YouGeorgia On My Mind, and Makin’ Whoopie.
Overall it was a pretty amazing night. Great people, great food, great music. I can’t think of anything better than that.

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March 2, 2012 [Cafe Koi]

I can’t recall why a couple of friends and I wanted to go here but we had a reason. 
Anywho, it’s a very neat place. Right beside a couple of shisha bars. 

We went in and it was moderately filled. We had reservations so we were seated right away. It’s pretty dark inside and all the tables are very close together. There’s a stage on one side so I looked a bit into this place when I got home and apparently, they hold a few shows quite often (scroll to the very bottom for the schedule). From live performances of jazz to comedy nights to open mic nights. Pretty awesome if you ask me. 

I got a fuzzy navel to drink.
It’s a pretty ridiculous name but it’s very delicious.

A friend got some cranberry drink. I ate a cranberry. Never again. NEVER. AGAIN.

our signature yam wedges served with our own garlic curry and miso dip

This was totally not what I expected. The yam was soft and I expected it to be deep fried. The dips were really interesting. The curry was kind of spicy and buttery and the miso dip was kind of like steak sauce with a nice tang.

The Lee Pacino
homestyle tomato sauce simmered with penne, spinach and topped with vegan  bean balls and asiago cheese
I don’t know if it’s just me or if the bean balls were burnt but they didn’t taste all too great. Nothing about this dish was special to me. 

friends’ dish.

After we were finished with our entrees, it took a while for the servers to come back to us so we could ask for the dessert menu. They were busy cleaning up the restaurant because we were one of the last ones to go. 
The servers were all very kind but we waited a LONG time to get the dessert menu and when we finally got it, we waited quite a while for them to get back to us to get our order for dessert.

Warm Fruit Filo Crisp
hand crafted filo pouches with fruit filling dusted with cinnamon sugar and oven-baked. served with ice cream, chocolate and caramel. ask your server for daily fruit flavor 
Awwww man I forgot what was inside. It was either peaches or apple although I’m pretty sure it was apple. It was quite good but cutting the filo was a bit difficult. 

Personally, I felt the food was overpriced for what it actually was. It makes itself seem to be Japanese themed restaurant but the food had no hint of Japanese whatsoever. Music was good though. Indie. Yay. 

1011 1 Street Southwest 
Calgary, AB

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February 29, 2012 [Globefish]

Went shopping at Chinook with a friend and my aunt from the Philippines and we ate at Globefish for dinner~
We had the rock’n shrimp which turned out not to be as awesome as the first time I had it and some sushi combo. 

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February 1, 2012 [Takeout from Sura]

My aunt from the Philippines came for a visit and said she loved Korean food - something I hadn’t had in a looooong while. So we got some stuff to eat at home from my favourite Korean place: Sura!!

My aunt mentioned that she really liked the thing with fish cakes and rice cakes which perfectly described ddukbokki so I got that. Now, ddukbokki isn’t on their menu but they can make it if you ask them! I think it was like $15 or $20 but they made it really well! The only thing I wish they added was a little it of cheese on top.

hnng bachan. I can eat kongjang for a snack forever. Terribly addictive.

Le ddukbokki. Too bad this wasn’t what my aunt had in mind >_> Still super good and super spicy though.

I also got some soondubu jjigae but devoured that before I had the mind to take a picture of it. 

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January 27, 2012 [Part 1/2: Dinner at Kinjo]

Just went out with a bunch of friends. 14 people (including myself). I remember this number because I went a bit early with a few other people to get a table ready and Stanley and Brandon said they head the chefs saying (in Chinese, mind you) that they were a bit shocked to hear they had a table of 14. So that was that. 

There really was a lot of us and the food was sprawled out all over the table so I could only take a picture of what was in front of me. 

Ahh we ate so much I was pretty full afterwards XD

… but of course, there is always room for dessert

Some green tea ice cream for Miki and me

Mango ice cream for Stanley and Brandon 

I forgot who but someone asked Miki (a student on a study abroad program from Japan) asked if the sushi here was as good as the sushi there and the answer is exactly what you would expect. Sushi here is definitely incomparable mainly because of the freshness. What do you expect when you live in the middle of the country?  

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January 20, 2012 [Legality Part 1/3: The Unicorn]

I was debating whether or not to post about this night all week mainly because I didn’t really eat this day. Just try a lot of drinks. Because I can do that now. Y’know?

Anywho, my cousins were nice enough to plan everything for me. I told them I wanted to go to a jazz bar so they incorporated that into there. First, we went to The Unicorn. It’s an Irish pub and it’s a place I’ve noticed every time I walked down Stephen Ave. mainly because of the name. Anything with rainbows and unicorns has me sold. 

On my way there (I had a few other friends with me), we got off the wrong station so we had to walk a couple blocks to get back on the train and get off the right station afterwards lol. We found the Unicorn quite easily and one of my cousins and her husband were already there. The moment we walked in, we were rudely asked for ID. All of my cousins said they were really excited to be ID’d when they turned 18 but this being my first time, it was definitely not as exciting as I expected. They didn’t even say please when they asked to see my ID ):< 
We got in and the only table left was be the bathroom X)
Oh well at least nothing smelled.

I had the Pink Unicorn to drink and this vegetarian Chibatta sammich. I must admit the sammich was really good -typical pub food- but the fries were soggy ): 
I also had some apple pie shot. That was actually SO good. 

This place had a really bad first impression on me. Nobody was nice and/or friendly at all! First the rude ID and our server seemed kinda crabby =/
I`m pretty sure I won`t be coming back to this place but it was nice to be with friends and cousins and to have everyone get along well.  

304 8 Ave SW 

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