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June 30, 2012 [Rose Garden Thai]

So Nino and I were doing our usual of just wandering around downtown. Then we got hungry and we spent about 30 minutes looking through Urban Spoon for a place to eat when we finally decided on Rose Garden Thai. It was kind of sketchy at first because all the restaurants on Stephen Ave. have patios outside and are pretty and look very fine dining but this place had a cheap looking light up sign and giant creepy stairs for the upper floor. It had a really good rating on Urban Spoon and we weren’t going to spend another 30 minutes deciding on a place to eat so we went right in.

ohh so pretty inside! And the servers were wearing traditional dresses too. 

Yay Stephen Ave~ We were staring at that building behind the restaurants in front of us. I think it’s an office building with resident places on top. I have no idea. I want to live/work there though.

Blue Hawaii: pineapple juice and white rum (left) and Chi Chi: (explained to us by our waitress as) like pina colada but instead of white rum, they use vodka (right).

hnng coconut rice. At first we thought they only put the coconut milk at the top but we later found out that the rice and coconut milk is actually layered!

Vegetarian Yellow Curry (left) and Pad Thai (right)

Vegetarian Yellow Curry

Pad Thai
Oh my gosh was this ever delicious. The noodles were perfect and the sauce was amazing.

Everything here was absolutely delicious and not to mention filling. The prices are really good too because each dish is about $12-$15 by the end of the dinner, we were stuffed. It was sad because we were too full for dessert even though I really wanted some ): 

I’d definitely come here again to try some more dishes!
112 8 Ave SW 

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May 27, 2012 [Happy birthday Momma!!]

Her favourite restaurant at the moment (and has been for about a year now) is Infusion so there is where we celebrated another lovely year of being alive with the Queen (of our residence). One of my aunts and uncles came with us to celebrate her birthday here as well.

Birthday girl and I each had a Red Thai Latte. Boy was it yummy. My mom’s latte looked better than mine though ):
She had a nice gradation of tea and milk whereas mine was just an obvious separation. 

It was my very first time eating here on a Sunday and they have a special Sunday Brunch menu!  (available from 10am to 2pm on Sundays only) 

Fruit Stuffed French Toast
Stuffed with Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Peach & Passion fruit Jam with An Almond Crust

Oh sweet jesus was this delicious. There was a ton of cream cheese too. It was good but I just ended up feeling very very bad for myself but also quite satiated. It was a bittersweet feeling.
I passed my phone around the table so everybody could take pictures of their food but for some reason I only ended up with three out of five dishes including my own. How did that even happen? The warfare between old people and technology continues… 

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May 22, 2012

My friends and I are a bunch of shopaholics so we wanted to go to the mall. However, we also wanted to get some drinks. Since we go to Market and Chinook very often, we decided to go to Sunridge and because we had to stop downtown anyway, we went to get bellinis at Milestone~

Oh boy did it rain a ton this day. The one block it took to walk from Milestones to the train station got us all drenched and stupid me wore canvas shoes instead of rainboots and my feet were wet until I got home -.-;;
It was pretty fun though hehehe

One of our friends brought a new friend along. I forgot where she came from but it was from faaaaaaar away although she spoke great english. We decided to eat at Sumo when we got to Sunridge because some of us were super hungry P:
Our new friend had never eaten raw fish or sushi before so I was excited to help introduce her to it. She said her culture never really eats anything raw so the idea of raw fish was scary but she was brave and had a bit. Fortunately, she ended up really liking it. 
Above is just a picture of my sushi plate. Veggie combo because I didn’t feel like eating fish that day.

Because we had to pass by downtown again to get home, we decided to stop by Bear & Kilt Freehouse for some drinks and nachos.

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May 8, 2012 [Part 2/2: Tudor Rose]Blueberry tea!Totally not what I was expecting.. I expected tea that tasted like blueberries. It’s comprised of amaretto, grand marnier, and earl grey tea.IT TASTES NOTHING LIKE BLUEBERRIES.
it was okay though. Not a fan of grand marnier p: 

May 8, 2012 [Part 2/2: Tudor Rose]

Blueberry tea!
Totally not what I was expecting.. I expected tea that tasted like blueberries.
It’s comprised of amaretto, grand marnier, and earl grey tea.




it was okay though. Not a fan of grand marnier p: 

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April 27, 2012 [Part 1/2: Julio’s Barrio]

A close friend of mine invited us to Julio’s Barrio for her 19th birthday~
Because it was a Friday evening, it was definitely going to be busy. Recollecting the last time I visited Julio’s Barrio, I was afraid of the wait time. However, upon being seated, I heard the pep talk the servers had with who I presume is their manager. They talked about how tonight was going to be a busy night and to expect a full house. They did a little cheer and break and went straight to work. 

The Original Bulldog
1 Bottle of Coronita
2 oz. of Tequila
Lime Slush
Majority of our large table got this but personally, I’m not a fan of beer and I thought there was red bull in it and I’m afraid to have an energy drink so I didn’t get it. It’s pretty cool how they put the beer in the cup though.

I don’t even know what kind of drink I got. I hadn’t decided on a drink when the server came to me so I just asked for the same drink the one person who didn’t have a bulldog got. I remembering it being pretty yummy and frothy.

An Enchilada dish I got vegetarian and crema style (Monterey Jack cream sauce and Julio’s salsa). I don’t remember anything other than it being quite delicious.

I’ve read reviews on this place before and everyone is saying that it’s just a very very VERY watered down version of actual Mexican food. I’ve never really had Mexican food other than when I used to eat at Taco Time and when I buy Old El Paso but I’m sure they’re not really authentic Mexican meals anyhow. Nonetheless, I enjoyed their food this time and I enjoyed it last time so I’d definitely go again to try out some more of their menu. I love that they have vegetarian options for almost everything on their menu so people who are vegetarian aren’t stuck with a very limited selection like most other restaurants.

1110 Memorial Drive NW 
Calgary, AB 

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April 21, 2012 [Infusion]

It had been almost a year since I last visited Infusion and I was very excited when my parents told me that we were bringing my Lola (grandma in Filipino) there because she said she was bored.

Baked Camembert $14
Topped with Mango Chutney & Candied Walnuts Served with Crispy Flour Tortilla Chips
The camembert was super yummy and soft. It’s yellow/brown on the outside instead of white because it’s covered and baked in curry powder. It tasted really good especially with the flaky tortilla chips. The salad even had a hint of honey in it and that has inspired me to experiment with honey in vinaigrette. 

Mummy and Lola got the red snapper fish with quinuoa salad and deep fried goat cheese. It’s not on the menu because it was the special for the day.

Veal Burger
Grilled Homemade Veal Burger, Bacon, Tomato, Red Onions, Monterey Jack & Swiss cheese on a Bun With Honey Mustard & Mayonnaise… $16

Green Curry Penne
Penne Pasta and Vegetables tossed in a Coconut and Green Curry Cream Sauce With Shrimp, Chicken or Spicy Chorizo… $18
The combination of coconut milk and curry is right up there with chocolate and peanut butter. Sooo good. 

My Lola got an espresso. It’s such a tiny cup hehe. My dad put his phone (Samsung Galaxy S) beside it for size. Itty bitty cup.

The dessert menu.. my ultimate weakness. I had a coin flippin contest between the  Vanilla Creme Brulee, Sweet Shish-Kebob, and Deep Fried Cheese Cake.

As you can see, the little cream puffs won.
And it was oh-so-delicious.

They played Breathe by Telepopmusik and that made me really happy because I love that song hehe.

23 Balsam Avenue
Rocky View No 44, AB, Canada

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April 5, 2012 [Japanese Village]

Left: Peachy Ichiban - Vodka, Peach Syrup, Sprite
Right: Cherry Blossom - Cherry Liqueur, Lime Juice, Orange Juice, Peach Syrup, Ginger Ale 
Don’t worry, both aren’t for myself although I did try both. Mine was Cherry Blossom while my friend’s was Peachy Ichiban. They were both super delicious~

Soup.. don’t know what kind.. But it was soup..

ohh food being prepared~

My salmon teriyaki

Some sorbet to finish~
I forget the flavour haha

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March 30, 2012 [Laurier Lounge]

Went downtown after class. I was supposed to go to a gay club with a friend but other friends joined us and they didn’t want to go so we just shopped around and suddenly somebody mentioned fondue and we all wanted to drink a bit so I googled it and the place with the best rating turned up to be Laurier Lounge. 
Someone had suggested Ubu Lounge but I checked out their menu before and their drinks are like $10 each. That’s craaaaaaaaaaaaay.

This place was really small and cozy and they played some really nice french jazzy/bossanova music that I really really enjoyed. By the looks of it, it’s just a house-turned-restaurant. The outside patio probably could have seated more than the inside but there were stairs leading upstairs so I don’t know if there are seats there or someplace for private bookings. 
Oh and yes, my friend is a cyclops.

Left (friend): Strawberry mojito
Right (mine): The Stanley - Creme de cacao, creme de menthe, Bailey’s and Cream
My drink was really good! It was smooth and creamy with a very subtle taste of chocolate. It was funny because my friend Stanley was sitting beside me. No one in our table know what each other was getting so when I ordered my drink, they all had a fit of giggles. 

Originally we wanted chocolate fondue but the swiss sounded so good too…

After a long time of debating, we settled with the swiss fondue!
MMM so yummy! The white wine was very prominent and the consistency was good so that it was never rubbery. I’ve never had cheese fondue before but this was a great first try.

Crepe Suzette
Orange and Grand Marier sauce, a Laurier favourite!

It was $12 so I was kind of hesitant on dessert but a friend agreed to share with me so of course we got it. 
The crepe was well made, the gelato was delicious, and there was a very strong, sweet orange taste. I’m glad we shared because it was really too much to handle in terms of flavour. It was really overwhelming kind of like when you’re eating pineapples and your lips and tongue start to burn - you want to keep eating because it’s so good but you just can’t handle it any more. That’s how I feel about the sweetness of this dish.

I’d totally recommend this place to anyone who wants a nice place to just lounge around and eat and drink with. I’m totally going back some time to try their entrees!

1111 7 Street Southwest  
Calgary, AB

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