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November 25, 2011 [Part 1/2: School and Sura]

Candy Cane Hot Chocolate at Good Earth to start the day~

A friend gathered a few of us to to go to Don Day again. I called to see if they would reserve a table for us (table for 10) but they said they didn’t do reservations for big parties because they can only fit like 17 people in total in their restaurant. We decided not to go to Don Day any more because it’s always full. I called Kinjo to see if they did reservations but they said they only do first come first serve so we scratched that idea. I suggested we go to Sura, my favourite Korean restaurant, and everyone agreed. 

After waiting for what seemed to be three lifetimes for our last friend to finish his class, we were finally on our way!

Sura definitely has the best side dishes (bachan)

tofu soup mmmmm

moar food

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