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October 20, 2011 [Best Day Ever?]

So Bao and I went to Leo boutique because the designer of Naked and Famous, Brandon Svarc, dropped by there for a meet & greet event. For each Naked and Famous item you bought, he would make you an origami made of denim right there just for you. It was so awesome to see him create the origami pieces because he used an iron and it was pretty intricate. Also, while he was working hard on his origami, he was really good with crowd interaction. He consistently spoke to the people who came in and out of the store, did a little interview, took pictures, talked about his brand and designs and about the jeans he brought in. It was so amazing to see someone with such passion speak like this and do such small events like this. We were talking to the staff and they said they even admired him for doing this. Bao says that he’s probably a millionaire and that blows my mind. He’s a great entrepreneur. I definitely want to be like him in the future.

Monkey Denim. It took him so long to make this but it’s really nice even though I don’t see a monkey.
He said that if you keep something heavy like a textbook on it for a couple of days, it should have permanent creases. That is unless you wash it. “But if you wash it, you might want to wait about a year” (some joke someone in the crowd said)

He even brought along the 30oz elephant jeans and his glow-in-the-dark jeans for show. 

These are the 30oz jeans. IT’S STANDING UP BY ITSELF. 
These pictures were actually taken at Understudy, not Leo’s Boutique. Apparently, Svarc went to Understudy before Leo Boutique just for a visit. 

They didn’t have any N&F for womens that night and nothing for mens fit me but I was craving some new jeans. One lady helped he quite a bit. I was looking at their jeans rack and she was like “If you need help, you can just ask me but you know everything already,right?”
I told her, “I don’t know anything” so she came around to me every little while and picked out some really nice jeans for me to try (:
No origami for me for me though ): Bao, on the other hand, bought a few really nice tops. I guess tops isn’t really appropriate for men. Button up shirt and a vest? Okay. The shirt was from N&F so he got an origami bird. I feel really stupid because I didn’t take any pictures. Everything I’ve shown above are from Leo Boutique’s facebook and Understudy’s twitter.

I think it was 7:30pm when we left so we decided to go eat. Where? DON DAY OF COURSE.

Oh nobody understands how much I had been craving this and for how long. So spicy. So good. I think anything would have tasted good after such a good night at Leo Boutique but to have something you’ve actually been craving while you’re on a shopping high? I know of no better feeling. Not even love could top this.

Bao had some spicy soup with meat in it. Looks good though. 

Yeah that night was really awesome. You can never go wrong with food and shopping (: Meeting Svarc was really inspiring to me. He is quite an admirable person and an even more praiseworthy businessman. 

Since these photos aren’t mine, if the person whose photos these belong to wants me to take them down or cite differently, I will. 

Leo Boutique
810b 16th ave SW
Calgary, AB 

1312 1st SW
Calgary, AB

Don Day
101 909 7 Ave SW 

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