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March 16, 2012 [Part 2/2: Beatniq]

So my aunt and uncle and I went to Beatniq after dinner and changing to formal clothes. 

Des Fromages
2oz selection of fine cheeses, season compote, fresh seasonal fruit toasted nuts and crostini

Apple and Pear tart
Brown sugar glazed apples and pears, sweet crust, cinnamon anglaise
Very very soft and not very sweet! My aunt really liked it hehe. 

Vanilla Creme Brulee
Milk chocolate dipped biscotti, berry coulis 
Oh how I love creme brulee. The vanilla was really strong but I didn`t mind because I loved it. The biscotti was also so good - it melted in my mouth. The only thing that was off about both the desserts was that the sugar kind of tasted burnt. That didn`t take too much away from the dish though.

The performance, however, was absolutely amazing!
Here’s a little info on the artists that performed that evening 
Vaughn Ambrose is such a great MC and not to mention sax player haha. He would tell stories about his past and how he got into jazz and whatnot. He would also do a little talk between each song giving us some history on Charlie Parker or just jazz history in general. I loved that! He encouraged us to get up and dance but I`m not sure if anyone did. We all clapped and cheered though~
The Strings Project was really awesome too! It was my second time ever seeing someone play the harp.
Some of the songs I liked best that they played are “What Is This Thing Called Love”, “Just Friends”, “April In Paris”, and “I’m in the Mood for Love”.
I look a few videos but I can’t remember the song names but I did record three videos:

It’s sad that the owners for Beatniq are switching. I never got to go very often before but I am excited to hear that the new owners are going to introduce more genres to the place. I will definitely try to go there more often!
Hopefully they’ll have some ska bands because my uncle and I really want to see some local ska bands. 

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March 9, 2012 [The Big Taste at Piqniq/Beatniq]

OKAY I NEED TO STOP PROCRASTINATING. I’ve pretty much forgotten everything about this day.. 

But anyhow. Thank you to @mylifeinrenovations for telling me about the Big Taste. After he told me, I immediately looked it up and was incredibly delighted to see that Piqniq was taking part of it!
For those not in the know, the Big Taste of Calgary is an event where many restaurants in Calgary give a small set menu for a very low price - just like the menu shown above. However, in order to take part in the Big Taste, you have to call one of the participating restaurants and ask for a reservation for the Big Taste.
I did this for Piqniq and I was also able to book a table for Beatniq later on in the evening for the Ray Charles Tribute Band! Such a luxurious evening.

Our waiter was really nice and enthusiastic about this event. He told us we were getting an amazing deal because a regular meal with the same dishes would be ~$60 so my friends and I were happy to hear that.
Unfortunately, this event was in the middle of midterms for me so I was only able to attend the last day.  

Some bread and butter to start~
The Japanese dish was kind of weird but okay haha.
While we were eating this, we saw quite a few people be turned down because they was fully booked from ~5-9 (or whenever they closed). That really impressed me.  

Fancy water haha. In the downstairs during the performances, they only serve bottled water for $3 per bottle. 

The seasonal soup was organic carrot puree soup with ginger.

Friends got the duck confit.

My trout. The skin had a really nice crunch and I really liked the texture of the fish. There was a really prominent butter taste which made it taste all the better.

Chocolate Mousse~
The glass was really warm and the mousse was really cold and looked a lot like ice cream. It was really soft but not as light as I expected and also very rich so most of us couldn’t even finish our dessert as it was so filling. The bottom had some strawberry puree so that was a delightful surprise.
I found out a few weeks later when I tried to make chocolate mousse myself that the typical mousse recipe calls for gelatin. I repent.

After dinner, we paid and headed downstairs for the performance. It was so packed that they had to start rejecting people near the beginning of the set.

center seats hehehehe

Donals Ray Johnson and the band. John Gray is playing bass and he performed with Ray Charles himself. Donald Ray Johnson is also a grammy award winner. SO STARSTRUCK.

The backup singers hehehe. They were really good!

My friend got mac & cheese during the performance. 
We were tempted to get some dessert too but we were still super full from the dinner. 

I recorded some of their performances:
I Can’t Stop Loving YouGeorgia On My Mind, and Makin’ Whoopie.
Overall it was a pretty amazing night. Great people, great food, great music. I can’t think of anything better than that.

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