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January 29, 2012 [Globefish]

so @maariellenicole and I went shopping at Chinook mall and we got hungry so we ate at Globefish~~

I asked for hot water because I had a very bad cough D:
The only reason I took a picture was because the mug was really pretty.

Rock’n Shrimp
Lightly and crispy shrimp served with spicy mayo and green seaweed powder. 
This was so delicious. It was a little sweet and the texture of the shrimp was and the batter was just right. I think it tastes really really good with the seaweed powder as opposed to without it.

Viva Las Vegas
Crabmeat, avocado and red tuna roll topped with smoked salmon. Flash fried in tempura batter dressed in our special BBQ sauce. 
It was really nice and soft and the cram meat tastes really really good and you can distinctly taste the salmon at the end.

Chopped Scallop Roll
Scallop & tobiko with mayonnaise rolled with rice & seaweed
Ever since my cousin introduced me to scallop nigiri at Kinjo, I have been obsessed with scallops and mayo. Best texture ever hnng.

And because we’re good eaters, we had to get dessert.

Chocolate Cake
Hot chocolate cake with melted fudge serves with vanilla ice cream
The cake was pretty good and the the melted fudge inside was a pleasant surprise. 
BUT. canned whipped cream. Seriously. It seeped into the ice cream and made it icky ):

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