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March 23, 2012 [Sura]

I was actually just studying at la Bibliothèque at my university when I just could not study any longer. I was also craving Korean food so bad this day because I wanted some tofu soup since it was so gloomy and rainy outside. I called up my parents to see if they wanted to go eat with me and they don’t say no to their little princess so they came and picked me up and we ate at my favourite Korean restaurant: Sura~
My parents had the japchae and I had some of the soup. Yum yum~

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February 1, 2012 [Takeout from Sura]

My aunt from the Philippines came for a visit and said she loved Korean food - something I hadn’t had in a looooong while. So we got some stuff to eat at home from my favourite Korean place: Sura!!

My aunt mentioned that she really liked the thing with fish cakes and rice cakes which perfectly described ddukbokki so I got that. Now, ddukbokki isn’t on their menu but they can make it if you ask them! I think it was like $15 or $20 but they made it really well! The only thing I wish they added was a little it of cheese on top.

hnng bachan. I can eat kongjang for a snack forever. Terribly addictive.

Le ddukbokki. Too bad this wasn’t what my aunt had in mind >_> Still super good and super spicy though.

I also got some soondubu jjigae but devoured that before I had the mind to take a picture of it. 

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