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March 23, 2012 [Sura]

I was actually just studying at la Bibliothèque at my university when I just could not study any longer. I was also craving Korean food so bad this day because I wanted some tofu soup since it was so gloomy and rainy outside. I called up my parents to see if they wanted to go eat with me and they don’t say no to their little princess so they came and picked me up and we ate at my favourite Korean restaurant: Sura~
My parents had the japchae and I had some of the soup. Yum yum~

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February 1, 2012 [Takeout from Sura]

My aunt from the Philippines came for a visit and said she loved Korean food - something I hadn’t had in a looooong while. So we got some stuff to eat at home from my favourite Korean place: Sura!!

My aunt mentioned that she really liked the thing with fish cakes and rice cakes which perfectly described ddukbokki so I got that. Now, ddukbokki isn’t on their menu but they can make it if you ask them! I think it was like $15 or $20 but they made it really well! The only thing I wish they added was a little it of cheese on top.

hnng bachan. I can eat kongjang for a snack forever. Terribly addictive.

Le ddukbokki. Too bad this wasn’t what my aunt had in mind >_> Still super good and super spicy though.

I also got some soondubu jjigae but devoured that before I had the mind to take a picture of it. 

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November 25, 2011 [Part 1/2: School and Sura]

Candy Cane Hot Chocolate at Good Earth to start the day~

A friend gathered a few of us to to go to Don Day again. I called to see if they would reserve a table for us (table for 10) but they said they didn’t do reservations for big parties because they can only fit like 17 people in total in their restaurant. We decided not to go to Don Day any more because it’s always full. I called Kinjo to see if they did reservations but they said they only do first come first serve so we scratched that idea. I suggested we go to Sura, my favourite Korean restaurant, and everyone agreed. 

After waiting for what seemed to be three lifetimes for our last friend to finish his class, we were finally on our way!

Sura definitely has the best side dishes (bachan)

tofu soup mmmmm

moar food

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April 29, 2011 [part 2]

My favourite Korean restraurant :3
A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to a couple of friends in my English class about food and stuff and one of them said that they really wanted to try some Korean BBQ. I offered to take them to a Korean restaurant with a Korean friend so that they could try it out. Sadly, one of them couldn’t go but no biggie because we just found someone to replace her. harhar. No hard feelings because we promised to go again when she was free.

anyhow, fewd picture time.
le side dishes and some lettuce for the bulgogi

Spicy tofu soup~
My friend and I both wanted this soup but our waitress said it would be like +2$ for a hot pot and it came with a loooot more soup than just two bowls so we got that. Needless to say, it was devoured in an instant. Mostly by me. Le Korean kept putting tofu into my bowl because he’s a caring friend. haha.
Well either that or he couldn’t eat any more and we needed to finish it.

some more side dishes + [chicken] bulgogi

pork bulgogi

chicken fried rice

Bi Bim Bap

Lastly, this guy had only one leaf of lettuce left so he wanted to make it count. He put in a little bit of each side dish and some chicken fried rice and ate it like a monstaaaa. 

It was a really good night. The person I went there with and I got lost because we took the wrong bus >_>
It wasn’t too bad though because we took a nice scenic walk around the neighborhood and it’s quite cute. Lessons were learned. We got there at around 8:40 and left the place at around 10:40, 20 minutes before they closed. Looots of fun stories were told around that table. 

2320 4 Street Northwest
Calgary, Alberta

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