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June 5, 2012 [Happy Graduation]My cousin got her diploma from high school so between the mass and the actual diploma giving, we went to Sumo at Sunridge mall for lunch~We got a rainbow roll, a spider roll and something else I can’t recognize.

June 5, 2012 [Happy Graduation]

My cousin got her diploma from high school so between the mass and the actual diploma giving, we went to Sumo at Sunridge mall for lunch~
We got a rainbow roll, a spider roll and something else I can’t recognize.

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May 22, 2012

My friends and I are a bunch of shopaholics so we wanted to go to the mall. However, we also wanted to get some drinks. Since we go to Market and Chinook very often, we decided to go to Sunridge and because we had to stop downtown anyway, we went to get bellinis at Milestone~

Oh boy did it rain a ton this day. The one block it took to walk from Milestones to the train station got us all drenched and stupid me wore canvas shoes instead of rainboots and my feet were wet until I got home -.-;;
It was pretty fun though hehehe

One of our friends brought a new friend along. I forgot where she came from but it was from faaaaaaar away although she spoke great english. We decided to eat at Sumo when we got to Sunridge because some of us were super hungry P:
Our new friend had never eaten raw fish or sushi before so I was excited to help introduce her to it. She said her culture never really eats anything raw so the idea of raw fish was scary but she was brave and had a bit. Fortunately, she ended up really liking it. 
Above is just a picture of my sushi plate. Veggie combo because I didn’t feel like eating fish that day.

Because we had to pass by downtown again to get home, we decided to stop by Bear & Kilt Freehouse for some drinks and nachos.

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March 29, 2012 [Wasabi]

Went to Wasabi with the parents~
I used to go here very often and even celebrated my birthday here twice with a couple of my bestest buddies.

Some miso soup and salad~

Sushi that came with my parents entrees.

My sushi combo. The nigiri looks a bit… off… 
Look at how dinky the rice is.
I’ve read that the fish is supposed to cover the the rice really well because the way you eat is it that you hold the rice by the sides, turn it upside down to dip it in the soy sauce (fish is supposed to be held together with the rice via a little bit of wasabi) then eat in one bite. The fish did not stay on the rice when I flipped it over!! The sushi was really bland and messy.. 

My mom’s chicken dish. She said the chicken was overcooked.

My dad’s eel dish. He said there were lots of bones in it. Do eel even have bones?
EDIT: Googled it and yes. Yes they do. Just like fish. Is google in the dictionary? 

Some tofu dish I got. It was supposed to be an appetizer but it came after we got our entrees haha. It was just medium tofu lightly deep fried with katsuobushi and seaweed on top.

My meal included tempura but for some reason, it came after I finished with my entree… 

Overall, the place turned out being pretty crappy. It used to be good but then they apparently switched owners and now the food is worse. Too bad ):

602 16 Ave NW 

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March 16, 2012 [Part 1/2: Kinjo]

So I invited one of my aunts and uncles to come with me to Beatniq again to watch the Charlie Parker Strings Project but we went to Kinjo for dinner first.

Las Vegas Roll
Unagi Sauce, jalapeno, strawberry, yellow daikon, wonton skin, cream cheese, spicy tuna, crab meat, avocado.

There’s so much stuff in there haha. It was pretty good nonetheless.

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February 29, 2012 [Globefish]

Went shopping at Chinook with a friend and my aunt from the Philippines and we ate at Globefish for dinner~
We had the rock’n shrimp which turned out not to be as awesome as the first time I had it and some sushi combo. 

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January 29, 2012 [Globefish]

so @maariellenicole and I went shopping at Chinook mall and we got hungry so we ate at Globefish~~

I asked for hot water because I had a very bad cough D:
The only reason I took a picture was because the mug was really pretty.

Rock’n Shrimp
Lightly and crispy shrimp served with spicy mayo and green seaweed powder. 
This was so delicious. It was a little sweet and the texture of the shrimp was and the batter was just right. I think it tastes really really good with the seaweed powder as opposed to without it.

Viva Las Vegas
Crabmeat, avocado and red tuna roll topped with smoked salmon. Flash fried in tempura batter dressed in our special BBQ sauce. 
It was really nice and soft and the cram meat tastes really really good and you can distinctly taste the salmon at the end.

Chopped Scallop Roll
Scallop & tobiko with mayonnaise rolled with rice & seaweed
Ever since my cousin introduced me to scallop nigiri at Kinjo, I have been obsessed with scallops and mayo. Best texture ever hnng.

And because we’re good eaters, we had to get dessert.

Chocolate Cake
Hot chocolate cake with melted fudge serves with vanilla ice cream
The cake was pretty good and the the melted fudge inside was a pleasant surprise. 
BUT. canned whipped cream. Seriously. It seeped into the ice cream and made it icky ):

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January 27, 2012 [Part 1/2: Dinner at Kinjo]

Just went out with a bunch of friends. 14 people (including myself). I remember this number because I went a bit early with a few other people to get a table ready and Stanley and Brandon said they head the chefs saying (in Chinese, mind you) that they were a bit shocked to hear they had a table of 14. So that was that. 

There really was a lot of us and the food was sprawled out all over the table so I could only take a picture of what was in front of me. 

Ahh we ate so much I was pretty full afterwards XD

… but of course, there is always room for dessert

Some green tea ice cream for Miki and me

Mango ice cream for Stanley and Brandon 

I forgot who but someone asked Miki (a student on a study abroad program from Japan) asked if the sushi here was as good as the sushi there and the answer is exactly what you would expect. Sushi here is definitely incomparable mainly because of the freshness. What do you expect when you live in the middle of the country?  

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